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Mega Bite

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- Optimal recovery

- Increases the built up of muscle mass

- Smart after-workout snack

Mega Bite is a quick and easy way to refuel your body with the nutrients it needs after a hard day at work, after a heavy weekend or after a high-intensity workout. Working out can slightly damage your muscles. Proteins will repair this damage and help you build lean muscle mass. The Mega Bite contains these proteins. Each bar contains 20 grams of high quality protein, that prevent muscle protein breakdown and promote the build up of lean muscle tissue. The carbohydrates reload your glycogen stores and give you an energy boost.


Mega Bite is the perfect bar for athletes who desire to build up more lean muscle mass.


As a dietary supplement, take one bar of Mega Bite directly after each workout to refuel your muscles and energy stores immediately.



Composition per bar (65 g) 100 g


Energy 1087 kJ/ 258 kcal 1627kJ/ 397 kcal

Protein 20,0 g 30,7 g

Carbohydrates 26,1 g 40,2 g

Fat 8,2 g 12,6 g


Milk protein, fructose-glucose syrup, milk chocolate, invert sugar syrup, vegetable oil, hydrolysed milk protein, dextrose, flavors, emulsifier (lecithin), color (beta carotene).